Servicing performance sports cars

With any car, servicing is about keeping your car on the road and protecting against any future problems. It’s an important element of car ownership, although one that we can sometimes take for granted.

There may occasionally be that temptation to avoid a service, with the thought being that this can save you money. There needs to be a sense of wariness, however, about that situation. Are you effectively looking at a false economy? You may not spend any money right now, but that decision could cost you an incredible amount in the future.

All of this is amplified when we come to look at a sports car. A high performance car clearly has more significant maintenance requirements and it’s to be expected that the resulting costs will be higher as a result. There is a need, however, to be aware that cutting corners here could have more of an impact.

Those higher costs reflect the fact that your average Porsche, to take one obvious example, is likely to have more complicated electronics and components than alternative marks. So the mechanics carrying out a service will need to make used of high-tech equipment in order to ensure that they can complete the work that is necessary. As you might expect, the cost of the service will reflect the cost of that equipment, together with the training of suitably experienced members of staff.

When you choose a main dealership, of course, you may discover that costs are likely to escalate further. In a sense, you may feel that you are paying for peace of mind. But this may be one area where you are able to cut costs without it making a difference. There are Porsche servicing specialists in Hertfordshire, as an example, who offer an independent service but who are fully trained and have access to all of the diagnostics equipment that they need. These are the types of garages that you will probably be wanting to seek out.

Speed or comfort?

When choosing a car, do you opt for speed or for comfort? There is a view, often expressed by older car enthusiasts, which suggests that you really need to get back to basics if you want to enjoy the thrills and spills associated with speed. This is the sort of view that harks back to a world dominated by the likes of Stirling Moss.

It’s a reflection too on that desire to own a classic car. A modern vehicle might well have plenty of electronic gadgets, but can anything really compete with that smell of engine oil and the feeling of being close to a lively engine? There will be many that will deny that it’s possible to have fun without enjoying those sensations.

But we might wonder whether this is really so. After all, the modern sports car is designed to make use of sleek lines and to reach impressive speeds in a short time span. Is it really such a bad thing if that happens while you are also able to enjoy comfortable seats, top quality stereos and all of the additional extras that transform your experience? Increasingly, it feels like there shouldn’t actually be a choice between speed and comfort. Instead, there’s an opportunity for you to enjoy both.

But the highly technological nature of a modern car means that it becomes even more important to ensure that you have a suitable maintenance regime in place. You’ll need to keep an eye on what is going on, making sure that there are no gaps in the maintenance schedule.